Monday, July 5, 2010

A Wedding, Road Trip, and an ER Visit!

All in 2 days!!

Saturday, my cousin Tiffany got married! I served as a bridesmaid (bridesmatron??). The whole day was rainy! I mean we were getting ready and looking out the window just to see it pouring down rain! Not to mention that my hair was fully curled and poofed only to fall flat from the humidity. Ugh! So up in a ponytail it went! Classy, huh? ;)

Tiffany looked beautiful and the wedding went great. I LOVE wedding receptions. Well, I just love to socialize and see people I haven't taked to in a while. One of my best friends, Becca, was also in the wedding. We had a blast getting ready together and just visiting with one another. Oh, how I miss girl talks. She wasn't feeling too well so she went home shortly after the reception started. But alas, my other best friend, Becca (another Becca!), was there to talk to! And of course I had my sister Brittany. (Although I am highly jealous that she is on her way to Florida for a week long vacation! Oil or no oil, I miss Florida. And yes, I live by the beach but it is just not Florida. That is my big whine and I am over it ;) )

Then on Sunday we headed on a little road trip to my mother in law's house. We swam, ate some GREAT food, and visited. It was so peaceful. Sunday night we watched a great fireworks show and made s'mores! Yum! But then... Thompson fell. We are still unsure of what he hit, but somehow he hit his mouth and cut his gums really bad. That little bumpy thing that separates your upper inside lip and your gums (Does that make sense??) well that got separated. And then he has a major horseshoe looking cut on his teeth gums. Poor guy. It was bleeding so bad, so we drove 30 minutes to Conway to the ER to make sure he was ok. A nurse checked him out as soon as we walked in. She told us that the doctor won't normally sew the gums and since his has stopped bleeding that it should heal on his own. It looks pretty nasty today, but I am sure it will be fine in a few days. So we drove back to Vickie's house and got to bed around midnight. The boys and I woke up and had some biscuits and gravy. Thompson swam some more and then we loaded up to come back home. It's about a 2.5hr drive so I tried to schedule it around the boys' nap time. Brycen slept the first hour, then woke up. Thompson then fell asleep for about an hour. Then the boys were up for the rest of the trip. But this is what I listened to the rest of the trip...

Ma ma ma ma.

Yes! Brycen is saying MaMa. Definitely his version of Momma. I will say "Brycen, say Mama" and he just goes to talking! Oh it melts my heart! Especially since Thompson's first words were Dada. Ha!

Tomorrow we are heading to Fayetteville with my mom. Going to do a little shopping, I suppose. :) And of course eat at Rick's Bakery to have a yummy strawberry salad! Can't wait!!! So here is a TON of pictures in no particular order!

White Water last Tuesday!

Back off buddy, I got this!

I'm a Pro! Just like my mom! :)

Splish, Splash!

Papa, Granny, and Brycen at the river

The boys playing

I am looking just like my big brother! :)

Silly boy!

My neice, Jilian and I

Papa and Brycen (who is in his 3rd outfit of the night!)

Aunt Brittany, Brycen, and Uncle Denver

Becca, Brycen and I

Love it!

Thought I might add that idiot me forgot my camera charger in CA and my camera is D-E-A-D! Soooo...these are my mom's pictures from her camera. I will probably just have to borrow hers for the rest of the time :(


  1. Man, that river trip looks like a little boy's paradise!

    Great pics. Looks like great times!

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