Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 Months!

Brycen Boy, you are 7 months old!! So, little man... what are you up to these days???

  • You are weighing 18.5 pounds and you are 28 inches long! What a big boy you are!
  • You are wearing a size 3 diaper and size 3 shoe. You are wearing mainly 12 months in your clothes.
  • You are a big eater! You still take 4 bottles a day plus you eat 2-3 meals of baby food! You are still crazy over the fruits, but you love the dinners (not so much the mac-n-cheese), and eat the granola meals every morning for breakfast. You hate the baby puffs. As soon as something like that hits your mouth, you start trying to spit it out! Too funny.
  • You still haven't had your first tooth yet. But we are looking for it everyday!
  • You are a great sleeper. You go to bed at 9pm and sleep til 9 am. I usually hear you of the morning messing around, but you usually fall back to sleep. I also love that I can just lay you down and you will go to sleep on your own. I am so thankful for that because you fight sleep like no other if I am having to hold you.
  • You love your pacifier! You will instantly spot it and grab it and plop it in your mouth.
  • Here in the past couple of days I have been sitting you on the big rug in T's playroom. Both you and him love it! He said to me the first time "Brycen gets to play with me!". He is so excited to have his brother be able to play with him. I sat you in there for atleast 30 minutes today and you didn't make one sound. You just rolled all over the place finding new toys.
  • You love mirrors! You will just sit there and smile at yourself and laugh. Especially when you are taking your bath, I sit you in the baby bath on the counter and you have a ball! You must get that from your dad! Haha!
  • I think you have outgrown your jumperoo. I have tried and tried to put you in it and you hate it. :( I am still going to work on it though...
  • I have retired your swing. You do not fit in it and I am afraid it might collapse if I were to try! ha!
  • You are on the verge of full crawling. You get up on all fours and just go to rocking. You have absolutely no problem getting around. You scoot and roll everywhere! You are definitely a determined little boy! The other day you made your way to the stairs and tried to go up them! And then you crawled into the kitchen and tried to climb in the dishwasher! ha!!
  • You can hold your own bottle now. I usually lay you on your boppy pillow and give you the bottle.
  • Your daddy has enjoyed having you back home. The other night he was feeding you your supper and he got up and walked away. You just started bawling...until he came back. The mean person I am, I made him do it again. And guess what?! You started crying again. I think you are partial to your ol' dad. He's pretty partial to you too though! :)

We are having a blast with you, Brycen. Everyday I look at you and I can just see you growing up. Your little baby face is starting to thin out and the glimpse of a little person is there. As much as I can't wait to see the little boy you will be, I still want my baby. You and your brother don't make it easy on this momma to say "No more babies!" when I have had the BEST babies ever!

We love you, brother! Happy 7 Months!!

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