Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank God for Sisters!

My sister, Brittany, has come to visit and meet her newest nephew. I am so excited! She just called and safely made it to Las Vegas. She has some business to do there tomorrow and should be down here tomorrow evening. I can't wait!

We are planning a trip to San Diego/Oceanside for the weekend. We decided to take the boys to the zoo and the aquarium. And I can't wait to show her around the Camp Pendleton area and hopefully what will be our new home. :) This will also be a great way to spend the last weekend with Robert before he goes to school and we head to AR for a visit.

I am excited to show her more of the "California life" (other than 29 Palms!) in hopes that she will keep coming back! ;) I love the San Diego area! It is so much fun! Tons to do and the most absolute gorgeous scenary. Who wouldn't love that?!

Tuesday morning we are leaving 29 Palms en route to NW Arkansas! And I can't wait!! I haven't been home since the 1st week of October and I am so anxious for everyone to meet Brycen. He is starting to become more alert and is developing his personality.

Even though I am so ready to go to AR, I know that there is SO much to do here. I have to get ready for the move!!! :) :) :) :) So excited!

It will probably be a few days before I check in, but I promise to have pictures when I come back!

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