Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who Me??

Yes, ME!!!

My mom called yesterday with the awesome news that I made the University's Chancellor's List!!

I know, I know... many people make a 4.0 all the time. But I was so proud to be acknowledged for it, especially for my last semester.

At one point in my lovely college career I wasn't doing so hot. I didn't make the best grades and unfortunately, I only hurt myself. But in the past two years I have worked so hard to bring up my GPA to something that I would look back on and be proud of. I had a goal of a 3.0, but it looks like I will be settling for a 2.99. I guess I will take it.

Ok, enough with that!!

Brycen has definitely been developing  a little personality (Well, as much as a 1 month old can) and is really starting to smile! You never realize how those gummy little smiles can melt your heart! :)

Thompson has been so great with his brother! He is acting out in other ways, but he is so good to Brycen. He is wanting to help me change his diaper, help put on his clothes, lay beside him, and give him sugars (kisses)! I am so thankful for this and it always makes me proud!

I spent the entire day watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon! Love that show! And Robert went golfing with one of his buddies. (I have a special post for Robert tomorrow!)

It's definitely been a great weekend so far!

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