Sunday, January 3, 2010

Finally Sunday!

Am I the only one that has been feeling like it was Sunday for about 3 days now?? Not that I am wishing the weekend away, its just that the holidays have been messing with my brain... or it could be the lack of sleep. Anyways :) we had a wonderful Sunday! We woke up and went down to Palm Desert to eat at the Olive Garden for lunch. It was YUMMY!! Then we headed over to Target and to the Mall to browse and walk around. I never knew how much I would appreciate just getting out of my house. The other day I practically begged Robert to let me go to the grocery store just to get out. :P We are glad to be home, but enjoyed our day!

Here is about the only thing we bought today.

Brycen got a new blankie!
So soft and cuddly.

Here are some pictures from this morning with the boys

Thompson wanted to have his picture made with brother, but Brycen wasn't having it.

And this is Brycen chilling out on the boppy pillow.
-Thanks Ahni for the outfit :)

Tomorrow Brycen goes for his hearing test and weight check-up. Please pray that he passes all of the tests this time. I know that it won't be the end of the world if he has some hearing issues, but I really just pray that he is 100% healthy. Also, I am hoping for a significant weight gain too! Fingers crossed!

I am also preparing for my trip back to Arkansas. My wonderful sister, Brittany, is coming out here on the 14th to visit and then help me drive back. We plan on staying for atleast a month while Robert is in school. We are hoping to move to Pendleton around the last week of March. I just hope everything falls into place. We'll see! :)

Well I will report back in tomorrow with some updates! Also, tomorrow is my official start to my diet. I REALLY need the prayers on this one! Ha!

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  1. We will do lots of walking together when you move here!