Friday, February 5, 2010

Long Time Gone!

Hello, it is me! You know, the girl who use to blog. Well, I am still here... somewhat. I am in Arkansas and when I come to Arkansas, life is busy!!

A lot of great things (and some not-so-great!) have happened recently.

Here is a run down...

Robert started his new school! He should graduate in 6 weeks!

Brycen is celebrating 8 weeks today!

While my sister Brittany was in town, we went to San Diego to the zoo and the aquarium. We also went to IKEA!!! The coolest store ever!

We made our trip across country. Surprisingly, it went very well.

We welcomed a new baby cousin into the family, Lola Katherine Thompson.

And today, I received my long-awaited diploma in the mail! I am college graduate! Whoo Hoo!!

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  1. Your zoo pictures turned out great... even the one of me looked good! Congrats on the diploma too...what is not so great though?