Monday, December 7, 2009

Think I am just about there...

You know... to that point where I am starting to say, "Is he EVER coming out???", "I'm going to be pregnant forever!!!", "Why oh why will he just not come??!!".

Yep. I am there.

I am not too miserable, just really REALLY anxious. I want to meet him! I want to bring him home to his big brother. I want to see his precious face. And I know that I have just a few days left, but seriously... I have every pre-labor sign possible and still NOTHING!!

I go to bed each night thinking "Ok, this could be the night." Nope.

I clean the kitchen for the fifth time of the day in hopes that I won't have to dirty it up for a few days.

I have washed my hair so many times in the past few days because I don't want to report to the hospital with greasy hair going on.

Our bags have been sitting by the front door since Thursday night and frankly, I am tired of telling Thompson to stay out of them!

I am anxious to show Thompson that there was a REAL baby inside my tummy-- I think he is about to the point of calling me a liar.

All of these things, so little I know. But come on!

My mom comes in on Sunday and I would LOVE for her to be here for his arrival, but I think I might lose my mind between here and then. But so far, it looks like it is going her way!

Oh yeah, another thing... I really do not want a 9+ lbs baby. Call me crazy, but that terrifies me to death!! Yes, many people have bigger babies everyday, but it's just not my cup of tea.

So... dear, Brycen-- I am about to serve you with an eviction notice. Hopefully things won't have to get hasty, but your momma is ready to see you!

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  1. This was about the funniest post ever! I am ready to see Brycen and hold him and Thompson both!