Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year!

Can you believe it, 2010 is just hours away. This year has been a whirlwind for me. I look back at where I was last year and how my life was. Robert had just gotten home from Afghanistan and we were spending time with our family in Arkansas. A lot has definitely happened this year. The biggest thing would definitely be Brycen. I didn't think that I would have a baby this year, but he has been the best thing. I also have graduated from college. (I am still waiting on a final grade, but I have no doubts that I passed!) Robert re-enlisted into the Marines. My big boy turned 2 and has become such a big kid!

It seems that the years just fly by faster and faster. Honestly, I am scared for the future. My life is such a joy right now, that I would love for it to go by in slow motion. But I know that that won't happen. Brycen is already almost 3 weeks old! Where did the time go?? Before I know it, we will be planning his first birthday. :(

I have been thinking a lot about my New Year's resolutions. I have 3 that I am dead set on acheiving...

#1 Weight Loss

Is this a cliche? I think this has just become the number one associated thing with the new year. I have already seen my fair share of commercials for the Wii Fit, Jillian Michael's workouts, etc. But its true. Last year I had made my goal weight. And then... I got pregnant. And of course, I gained 45+ pounds. I am not one of those (lucky) women that leaves the hospital having shed all of the baby weight. I have only lost about 15 pounds. Sooooo that means that I am doing my diet to try and lose the rest. Robert is dieting right now so that helps a lot. I just need to start an exercise routine. I am thinking about doing a weekly weigh-in to chart my diet. I will start this on Monday.

#2 Take more time

I wrote on my last blog how the days just fly by. I am trying my best to just soak up these moments. I catch myself just staring at Brycen, trying memorize his face and everything about him. Things that I took for granted with Thompson, I want to make right this time. I want to take more time for my family an doing things together. This will be a lot easier since we are moving to Oceanside-- there is just so much to do! I plan on lots of trips to the beach. I want the boys to feel that I spent as much time with them as I possibly could. I want them to look back on their childhood and be proud. I also want to take more time for my marriage. Robert and I don't have "date nights" and I want to change that. I need to make us a prority again. And its so easy to do, especially when you have children. One thing I heard that has stuck with me is that I need to make my husband one of my top priorities, because without him I wouldn't have my children.

#3 Church

This has been weighing on me for a while now. I have always attended church ever since I can remember. When Robert and I moved to 29 Palms we never attempted to find a church. I always said that we were going to try and go, but never did. I have been researching a few churches in Oceanside and can't wait to visit them. I want the boys to grow up with a church family. I need a church family for myself and for my marriage. I will be the first to admit that I have not put God first and I need to change that.

2010, I am ready!

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  1. Congratulations on baby Brycen!!! I have been thinking of you and wondering if he finally made his arrival! It's been a crazy week with Jill's arrival so I am finally getting around to reading my blogs. Take care.