Thursday, December 10, 2009

Still Kickin'

Just checking in. Ha! I am still here as you can tell. I am just dropping in real quick before I finish my last day of homework. Wow! I am so glad I can say that.

I have a funny story to tell, really embarrassing on my part, but still very funny. I go to the bathroom around 20 times a day. Not. Kidding. I get up at least 3 times a night. Well last night I jump out of bed! I just knew that water had broke! I felt this huge gush and my underwear were soaked, so I ran and got on the toilet. I sat there and sat there and nothing else happened. So I figured that if my water had truly broken, when I got up and walked around I would start leaking. So I did. I walked around the house and nothing else came out. I decieded to try a few squats and the same thing, nothing came out. Hmmmm...

So needless to say I really, REALLY peed on myself last night. It was a first for sure! Lol.

I go to the dr. today at 2. I don't know what to expect today. I am hoping for progress, but now I am to the point of where Brycen needs to stay put for the next 3 days until his Nana can get out here. So??? I guess we will just see! :) I'll be back later for an update on that!


  1. Lenora, I can't believe you posted that!

  2. I have been wondering if your baby had arrived yet!!!! I love your story, I am convinved that is going to happen to me too, don't you worry!!! I am sure it happens all of the time!