Monday, March 23, 2009

Wild Weekend Windstorms!

This weekend Jeremy, Shanna, and Haili came to visit! YAY!!! We were very excited! With them moving in a couple of weeks I was afraid that they wouldn't get the chance to come up. Saturday, Stephanie and I had a garage sale. Well she had one and I pitched in a few items. :) But it turned out good and we both made a few extra dollars. The boys ended up going to play golf and Shanna and I took the kids outside to play. It was so pretty out and the kids had a ball. They both are quite the little dare-devils. Thompson had to go in a little earlier due to a poor attitude and running off. So, a quick nap later and he was up and at it again. I made some yummy ribs for dinner and went to bed with a migraine. This now has been 3 nights in a row for migraines...any suggestions of why and how to get rid of them? I am not a huge fan of ibuprofen but I have been taking one when it

Yesterday was eventful. I thought we were going to get blown away by the huge wind storm, but luckily we all survived. I heard there were 50 mph winds. Eesh! Then Thompson battled a big case of the (WARNING, WARNING...Possible TMI) diahrrea. Eewww... And the vomits. Anything I would feed him would come back up. Let me tell you, blue raspberry yogurt all over me was not particularly the most appetizing thing in the world. But as of 8pm last night things had subsided. Thank you, Lord! Not much else going on here. Robert was supposed to leave for the field on Tuesday for 3 days, but luckily his Ssgt told him that he isn't having to go. YAY!

Just watching my DVR'd Desperate Housewives waiting for Thompson to wake up. Gotta get moving. Laundry, dishes, you know...the usual! :)

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  1. have you tried excedrin? i heard that helps! I love you all!