Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greetings from the sick house!

My title should say it all. Robert is now battling what Thompson had this past week. Poor baby! And I swear (and any woman will attest to this as well) that anytime a man gets sick, the world is coming to an end. Robert has battled (in his head) fever, dehydration, chronic high blood pressure, cancer, etc. the past few days. LOL! No, I really do feel bad for him. I know he doesn't feel good. So I shouldn't make fun. :)

On happier note, my friend Stephanie just found out Friday that she is having a baby BOY!!! I know that her and her husbad are excited! Boys are the best! I know that I wouldn't trade mine for anything!

Speaking of my little we speak he is shreiking at the top of his lungs for the fun of it. Well Mommy's headache is not liking it. But it is cute. And a new funny thing he is doing lately is saying "No" to everything! You ask him if he is hungry? "No." Thompson, do you want some juice? "No." And right after he says it, he runs wherever expecting it. I know that he doesn't know the exact difference just yet, but it is still funny listening to him sometimes.

This coming Friday we are going down to Robert's brother's house to help him move. I know that they are dreading the deployment, but hopefully he will be home before Christmas. Honestly, I think Robert is dreading his brother's deployment worse than his own. It is his little brother and he is upset that for once in his life he won't be there to protect him. It really is hitting him hard, so please keep him in your prayers as well.

On a happier note... we will be back in Arkansas in less than 3 weeks! YAY!!! My wonderful sister, Brittany, is getting married in Florida!

Yes, that will be me!!

So we are getting to go back for that and to visit! I know my parents are extremely excited! Thompson has learned to say "NaNa and Papa" and I know that they are anxiously waiting to hear it in person.

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break! I felt like like I really didn't even get one seeing as to how I still how had assignments due? What the heck?! Anyways, school will be over in a month (YAY!) and it will be time for summer school (Boo!). But hopefully this will be my last year! Cross your fingers!

Ok, here is a video of the little man on his slide today. Ignore the tornado that went through the living room today! :)

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