Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Makes you wonder...

8:00 you know where your husband is? Mine? Well he is STILL working. I swear, the Marine Corps has nothing better to do than make their Marines stay late. Gees! The past 2 weeks he went in before 4am and didn't get off til around 7pm every night; friday he worked til 11:30pm. And it is for stupid, stupid reasons. Oh well. I have learned many things from being a Marine wife for almost 3 years, and well, this is one of them. The Marine Corps has its own mind, good luck changing it.


Didn't get to go on my walk today...or yesterday. I know, I know. But, I will hopefully be out there tomorrow! Here are some pictures I took from the other day...

It really is such a nice walk.

Thompson is doing so good on learning to feed himself with a spoon! This morning he ate a whole bowl of cereal all by himself! He loves to use the "scoop" method. It is so cute. And once he gets the spoon in his hand correctly, he will not put it down. :) Here are some pictures of that.

Thompson is asleep for the night. I really, really do have such a sweet baby boy. He is so loving and so smart. Sometimes I think he is TOO smart! We are definitely blessed. :) I definitely couldn't ask for more!

By the way...Robert just walked in the door...9pm!


  1. I can't wait to see Thompson in April... he is the sweetest boy ever! We miss him dearly...and you...and well maybe Robert too!;)

  2. USMC is NOT supportive when it comes to family time, that's for sure! I feel your pain, my hubs is a's a rough life. Hope you had a good night with your hubby!