Saturday, February 21, 2009

Visiting Miss Sassy!

Well, not much has happened in the Riedel household this week! :) I kind of like it that way sometimes. We did go and eat at Applebee's with some friends of ours last night. Afterwards we went to this new frozen yogurt place called "utopia", and had some amazing stuff! It was a "build-your-own" kind of thing, and they had tons of different toppings. At the end they weigh it and charge you based on its weight. I thought this was a great idea! I hate when I go somewhere and have to get this enormous amount of ice cream and like 1 topping and they charge you $5 bucks for it! Ridiculous! Anyways, this is a good idea for anyone looking to start a frozen yogurt business - lol.

I just love how I will be talking about one thing and then all of a sudden start ranting about something else. Completely random, I know...
I made my baby back ribs the other night! They were delish! I crock-pot'd them all day. By the time we ate, you had to have a spoon to get them out. YUM! I want to try them in the oven next time to see how they taste!

Well, we did get to go see Ms. Christina's puppy, Miss Sassy! She is a black lab puppy, and is absolutely adorable!! And she is so smart!! At 6 weeks, they already have her trained to sit! I was amazed. Poor Bentley (my dog that is now a life-long member of the Susan Thompson's Adopt-a-Pet foundation) never really got that far. My fault. Maybe if we ever have another dog, he will get a little more attention and training...

Miss Sassy LOVED Thompson. She would just run up and play with him. She is still a puppy and into the chewing, so she would just try and nibble on Thompson's fingers. He just laughed and laughed! He loved playing with her too!


Playing with Sassy's toys!


We are going to head to Palm Desert today. Don't know what adventures we will partake in, but should be fun! Maybe In-n-out burger! :) I will let ya know!

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