Monday, February 23, 2009

A Night Out on the Town!

I was a lucky girl this past Saturday night! Not only did I get to go out to eat a fantastic meal, but I was taken my by two favorite boys! And they looked sharp!

Here is a picture of me with my date

We had a pretty low-key Sunday. It was nice. Robert helped me out and did some laundry. I made dinner and that was pretty much it! :) I love those Sundays...

Today, Thompson and I went for a walk with our friend, Stephanie. She and her husband Tony are expecting their first child in August and unfortunately leaving us in March. Her husband worked with Robert and they have decided to go back to Iowa when his contract is up. She is a teacher, so I know they will do great things. I am excited for them, but hate to see them go... I will definitely miss her!

Tonight I am going to attempt to re-create Robert's steak from Saturday night... I will let you know how it goes...

Also, Monday night is one of my favorites for TV night! :) I love Jon & Kate + 8! I think she is sort of a spaz like me! She is all the time getting on to her husband for something and to be cracks me up! Robert doesn't find it very amusing. ha! But, I think they do a great job for raising 8 kids. And, I love thier new house! So pretty! Another of my favorite shows is One Tree Hill. I have watched this show since forever, and it is getting really good! I am ready for the new season to start back up in March!

That is about it. Going to take Thompson out and let him ride his tractor. Yes, we are the only ones in California with a John Deere Tractor :) And he looks so cute on it!

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