Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey Y'all!

Long time, no blog!

I have been a busy gal! I have been helping my sister out at her assisted living facility. I grew up in that place, so it holds a special place in my heart. When she asked if I could help out for a while, I was very excited!

The boys went with her to Hot Springs for the Miss Arkansas pageant. My niece, Jilian, was a princess to one of the contestants. It was such a wonderful experience! Now she has her eyes set on doing the pageant when she gets older!

 Jilian with Miss Arkansas Alyse Eady

Jilian helping the new Miss Arkansas Teen Ashton Campbell sign autographs. She is from our town as well!

The future Miss Arkansas!


Ashton, Jilian, and Natalie

Other than working, I have done nothing! Ha! I did make a trip to Target and got some wonderful summer stuff half off! So I was proud of that purchase! And of course I have been loving stopping by and getting a sno cone while we are over there! Hey, I can't deny my children a sno cone on a hot day even if I were the one to suggest them! I don't like that my favorite place is covered with bees. Hundreds! We couldn't even sit down to eat them because they just swarmed us! And I hate bees! My new favorite flavor is Tiger's Blood. Sometimes I will get it with cream. It is strawberry and coconut. Sometimes if I close my eyes, I can imagine myself on a beach with the waves rolling in and me relaxing in a lounge chair sipping my adult beverage. But then I come back to reality-- 100+ degree heat and a flock of bees. ;)

Ok, one more thing. I entered the boys in a contest. I know, I know. I roll my eyes too every time there are these contests. (I don't need a popularity contest to tell me how adorable my boys are!) Anyways, roll your eyes and then go to THIS LINK! and "like" her page. (You do have to have a FB account) She is doing a contest and the person with the most "likes" on their picture win a free photo shoot and package! I am wanting our pictures done in September when Robert comes in, so this would be wonderful! So if you have a few extra minutes, I would greatly appreciate it!


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