Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thompson- Part 2

Ok, as I was leaving off... Rady's Children's Hospital found out that Thompson had an infection in his neck/throat, not an injury!

So after just a few hours at Children's they transferred us to the Naval Hospital in San Diego. (Yes, that would mean we were at 3 different hospitals in 1 day.) We got there and they started him on some antibiotics. Robert and I rotated shifts, he would stay during the night and I would take the day. Luckily, my mom and dad flew out Wednesday night to help out. It was sooooo nice. It was great to have help with Brycen during the day and it was nice that we didn't have to drive back and forth. We stayed at a hotel that was just about a mile or 2 away and made getting to/from the hospital so easy. Thursday, Thompson finally broke his fever for good. Thank God for antibiotics! They also did another CT scan and blood draw and all of them showed him heading in the recovering direction. Friday, we were told we were going to have to stay til Saturday, but that afternoon they said that he was doing so well that he could go home! YAY!!! We were so excited! He was glad to get out and get a good bath. Poor guy looked pitiful from being shacked up in the hospital for 4 days.

We went back to the doctor this past Tuesday and they said he was doing great. We still have a few days left on his antibiotic, but everything seems to be working. Tuesday, was also the first day he could move his neck to the left.

It has been a been a long journey, but I am so glad he is feeling better. He is terrified of having to go back to the doctor and getting "pinched" again. Poor guy.

On a side note... I am so thankful for the health of my child. Staying in the hospital and seeing so many kids with cancer and other things is just awful. There was a family there and the little boy, probably about 9 years old, had some sort of cancer. His mom and sister was there the whole time. I spoke with her a little bit and she was just so joyful. I know she was probably going through a lot, but she took the time to talk with me and ask about Thompson. She was always smiling and playing with her kids. I just wanted to hug her. In such a stressful/emotional time, she stayed strong for her kids. Amazing.


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