Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Update

What's been going on with us lately???

Brycen is learning so much lately! He is now able to say "thank you" and understand when to say it. Love it! He is just getting so big. He wants to act like his big brother (which isn't always the best thing!) and be so independent. He is eating up a storm and has even gotten some more teeth! Yeah!

Thompson has been testing his limits/my patience here lately. Whoever said that it was the terrible two's apparently hadn't hit the three's yet. I am so tired of yelling and disciplining. It's getting old. I swear his attitude could rival that of a teenager. I am really starting to feel for my parents more and more...

Robert has been working so much. Of course we are on his "on cycle" right now, but he is finishing that up this coming Tuesday! PTL!! I need some extra help around here. I also need him to put together my elliptical. I better start making his list now... ;) Good news is that they told him that next cycle he will be the Platoon Commander, which is a huge honor seeing as he has been there less than a year. Bad news is he doesn't particularly want this job. He is one of those guys who has to be outside doing something, right in the middle of it all. As the plt commander, he is supervising over the whole platoon.

That's about it for us.

This Mommy is signing off and going to bed!


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