Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sick baby boy!

Here is a little catch up from the past couple days...

Thompson has what I refer to as "the crud". (I don't know if that is even a technical term, but it is what I have called it forever!) You know, the runny nose, cough, congestion stuff. Poor thing. He just feels awful. So I took him to the dr. today and he told me what to give him. After a trip to Wal-Mart, the kid is set on medicines!

Have I told you lately how great Brycen is??? He is the happiest baby I know. He is always full of smiles and is always trying to talk to me. I just love it! Thompson was such a good baby, I just pray that Brycen is the same. People tell me how lucky I am, and trust me... I know it! I definitely VERY lucky!!

Robert is doing great in school. He graduates in 2 weeks!! We are definitely getting excited. It looks like he will have a busy schedule, but I have no doubt that he will do great at it! We are also getting close to moving too! The latest we can be in our house is April 15th, so now we are just deciding what do about our housing situation. We can either move into a smaller house immediately and right now they are giving $200 back each month if you do this. OR... We can move into a 2 bedroom apartment until a house comes available in this one housing district that we really want. The only problem with that is that we have no clue how long we will have to live in the apartment. We will be paying out-of-pocket for what the BAH does not cover. And we will also have to get a storage unit. Ugh... Decisions. So, that is what I have been pondering on for a while now. Any advice??

Other than that, we have had a pretty good week. This weekend will be full of rest and Thompson hopefully getting better! I promise to put some new pics up. I am just kind of enjoying this laziness that always takes over me when I come to Arkansas!!

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