Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Weekend!

We had such a great weekend! Friday, my sister Tara and I took the kids out to eat in Fayetteville at Logan's. It was really good. And then we did a little shopping at the ol' Target. It was a great night! Saturday, I made the long haul travel with the kiddos to Hardy, AR to watch Huntsville play in the semi-final game of the state tournament. My cousin, Beau is the coach at Farmington and his team was also playing that day! Unfortuanately Farmington lost in an "oh-so-close" game by 3 points. Huntsville won their game, so you know what that means...

Hot Springs and the Horse Races!!

I have never been to the races, but have always wanted to go! It looks like a ton of fun! And maybe Hot Springs isn't as upscale as the Kentucky Derby and the frilly dresses and big hats, but I still want to go! I guess I will have to put up the Julia Roberts' chocolate polka dot dress and hat for a later time! :)


While we were there Saturday, we drove up to Mammoth Spring to eat lunch and play at the park. Thompson had an absolute blast!

Sunday we went over to Robert's family in Fayetteville to visit them. Thompson always has the best time playing with all of the kiddos. They went to the park yesterday, ate ice cream, and played baseball.

I came home battling a head ache with the hopes of getting into bed early. I should have known better. Brycen got bright eyed about the time I put Thompson down. So we sat up and watched the rest of the Academy Awards show.

I am going to call about a place to rent today! I am so nervous that we won't get it. I have wanted to live in this community since I saw it. It is absolutely breath taking. So here is to hoping and praying for good news on that!! I will post pics later if we get it.

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  1. Hi! I'm a Marine wife too :) Just wanted to say hi!