Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giddy? Who me?

So, I am extremely bored right now. Thompson is taking a nap, and I am putting off starting some homework. So... I am participating in a Writer's Workshop I got off of Beth's blog.

This one is "What are you giddy about?"

Let's see...

-I sold my jogging stroller today. I never used it, so I will enjoy the money more than it just sitting there.

-I am still giddy about the boys' bedrooms and bathroom.

-I am SOOOO giddy that on Tuesday, I will be 20 weeks pregnant!!! HALF WAY DONE!!!

-I am giddy that Whitney Houston is making her hopeful comeback and can't wait to buy her album come Sept. 1st!

-I am giddy that I am starting to plan Thompson's 2nd birthday. Thinkin Nemo or Cars party...

-I am giddy that I just ate an amazing hot dog!

-Oh, and one more... I am giddy that the $1 theater is going to be playing some awesome movies starting Friday! Since Robert will be gone all next week, I know what I will be doing at night!

Now, let's talk about something I am NOT so giddy about. My car. First off, I love my car. It is the best thing ever. BUT... I am not happy that I am having to have the battery replaced after only a year. To make things worse, Napa, Autozone, nor Wal-Mart carry the battery. And they look at me like I am dumb when they ask: "Are you sure it is the battery? It's a brand new car." No crap, Sherlock. Do you think I want to give you a $100 for nothing? Come on. So now, we have to take it down to Nissan for them to put one in and look things over. Ridiculous.

Another thing I am not giddy about-- this heat! I am pretty sure that I HATE 110+ degree weather. I am tired that I wake up at 8am not being able to go walk because it is already almost 90*. I am so ready for normal weather. Weather where it rains and where there is humidity. Yes, I know... some of you are probably shaking your heads, but this heat is exhausting. There are many days I don't even see the outside cause it is so dang hot.

Ok, enough ranting! Think I might go raid the fridge again. Ha!

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