Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oatmeal Cookies and Mint Tea

For some odd reason, I have been wanting a huge, gooey oatmeal cookie! So as crazy as I am...Thompson and I head to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up some oats and raisins. Mind you, it is the military pay day. For those who have not been to a military commissary on payday, it is insane. Lines 50+ deep. Luckily, I did remember this and got there before it got too bad. AND I did self-checkout, so that way I hurried along with my 6 or so items.

So, I come home and get all the stuff ready and make me some delicious cookies! I also finished making chicken enchiladas. Which is really good feat because I ended up cutting the end off of my finger this morning. Not. Joking. It is never good to pry frozen tortillas apart with a HUGE sharp knife while your thumb is on the bottom. It is still throbbing, but its ok. I took pictures, but now can't find my camera-- thanks to my lovely little man.

Now, back on track. So here is the website for the cookies! Check them out!

And now for my mint tea. My Aunt Pat, who was probably one of my most favorite people in the entire world, made the best mint tea. Because of her, I fell in love with it when I was really little. My sister Brittany and I were talking about it tonight and how at our old house we use to try and make it like her. We had a huge batch of mint growing right by our back door and we use to go out and just pick a huge amount of it. No matter how many times we tried and tried, it never turned out like hers. Since I am not in the most mint-growing desirable climate, I have resorted to the next best thing--

It is definitely not my Aunt Pat's tea, but it always reminds me of her when I make it. And for that, it is the best!

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