Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Potty Training: Day 3

Well, Thompson has went on the potty three times today. He has had a few accidents, but I am just proud he is trying. I just need to keep in mind that he does not know to go to the potty everytime and that he will eventually learn. It will definitely take time.

Right now, I am watching Paula Deen and she just made some yummy looking chocolate chip cookies. I have had a huge chocolate craving here lately. I really hope it passes soon. That or they will kick me out of the dr's when I go back for all the weight I have gained! Gees!!! How come I can't crave broccoli or something healthy (crappy) like that?!? I do like fruit. But there is only so many plums I can eat in a day. And I do believe it defeats the purpose of eating healthy if you have like 6 plums in a setting. I am just guessing tho. :)

I did make a yummy, yummy dish last night. Jalapeno Chicken with cream cheese and bacon! Enough said!

I highly suggest this one and if you want to make it, here is the recipe:

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