Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Week!!!

We are headed to Arkansas! I love, love, LOVE visiting my family. I look forward to these visits and hope T & B make memories that they will one day look back on. I know fishing at the river will definitely be on the agenda! :)

We don't like to leave Robert at all, but with him working 7 days a week, we hardly see him as it is. So, Thursday we leave. Praying for a quiet flight, of course.

Today, I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting. It was a little nuts. The meeting was fine, but the boys were not. Thompson didn't want to sit in the stroller, so therefor Brycne didn't either. Ugh. After a few stares from the WW leader, I decided it was best to leave. As I was leaving, a guy Robert worked with saw us and offered to watch the boys while I listened to the meeting. So nice of him! So I was able to learn what I need to, and the boys were able to roam and be loud. Let's just hope this isn't a preview for our trip Thursday...

Tomorrow night is my favorite TV watching show night. Army Wives is back on, as well as a new show I like Coming Home. Both are supposed to be very emotional episodes dealing with losing loved ones in the military. I don't like to watch shows that deal with death, but sometimes we all need a reminder that everyday, people are losing their loved ones. I know I always come away with a sense of pride and gratefulness that Robert is safe and at home.

So, Robert is on duty tonight and I had both the boys asleep and in bed by 8:15. (Shocker, I know!!) Guess what?! I am sooooo bored! Haha.

I guess I will call it an early night too!

Oh, I am so excited to get a new video of Brycen. Let's just say that the child knows the most important thing ever! How to 'Call the HOGS' of course!!! Definitely one proud Momma!

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