Thursday, December 16, 2010

Is gray the new black?!

Unfortunately, I am not talking about clothes. I am talking about hair.

My name is Lenora and my hair is turning gray.

There, I have said it. It has gotten so bad here lately. For the past few years I have been highlighting my hair. I believe this has disguised the gray that was there. In August I died my hair back to dark brown. Since then, I have become overwhelmed with all of the gray hair popping up! I am 25 years old!!

I guess it is just hard to realize that I am getting older. I am just wondering how long before all of my hair is gray. Hopefully not too soon. You better believe that this spring I am going to be highlighting my hair again.

So tonight I box-dyed my hair. If I dye it, I usually use a box. If I highlight, then I always go to my stylist. Well I enlisted my sister, Brooklyn to help me out because I have a TON of hair. We do the whole process, I wash, blow dry and notice that I still had streaks! Ugh, so I made her get out the rest of the second bottle we had left and fix it. Thank goodness the second time she got it right! It is back to dark brown. Let's see how long this lasts before gray becomes my new color!


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  1. Can't believe you took a pic of your hair! I got your Christmas card today, and it was so sweet!