Friday, April 17, 2009

Ready for our Trip!!!

YAY!!! The time has officially come! We are leaving for our trip tomorrow! Thompson and I are both so excited to see everyone! We are planning on leaving the house tomorrow about 9 in the morning. The airport is in Ontario, which is about 2 hours away. Which means...

Oh yeah, My favorite! Sadly, the nearest one is by the airport! But, Robert has promised me that we can definitely eat there tomorrow on the way!


Our flight leaves at 2:30 and we should be getting into Tulsa somewhere around 9ish. My mom, dad, and Brooklyn are all going to be there to meet us! Can't you tell I am excited? I haven't seen them in 3 months and that is the longest its been since Robert and I got married. I know they can't wait to see Thompson! 1 more wakeup!


Since I am leaving my poor husband for 2 weeks, we decided to go out to eat tonight and have a great time. It will be nice to share some family time before Thompson and I head out on our adventure.

Not much else going on around here lately. Robert didn't have to go to the field this week. So everything has been pretty low-key. I have just been diligently ;) working on homework. I have 2 weeks left in the semester and I really have been trying to crack down and get all of my work in. After this semester, I am taking 2 classes this summer. THEN... I will finish my final semester!!! :) :) :) Robert and I were talking about this and he asked me if I was going to walk (for graduation) or not?! After I thought about it, I really didn't know. Neither of my sisters walked, so I just assumed that I wouldn't either. But now that I am almost to the end, I think I want to walk. I am SO proud of my accomplishment. Honestly, I know that many people had their doubts as to whether I would finish or not, and I am really proud to prove them wrong. That might be selfish, but I feel the best way to change someone's mind is to prove them wrong. Of course finishing my degree for myself and my family, but also to show everyone that it is possible to have a family and finish your education. It may not be the preferred route, but it is the one I took and I would not change that for the world. My life wouldn't be the same without these choices I have made...




  1. I'm proud of you! Ya'll have fun on your vacay! I admit I am jealous that your going to the beach...not to much longer for me =) love ya & have a blast!

  2. I think you should walk, having that picture with you and your degree is important so your children can see! Congrats on your accomplishment! It is an amazing feeling isn't it!

  3. Lenora,
    I DID walk and you should walk too.... it takes a lot to finish college! I love you and CAN'T wait to see you on Sunday...

  4. Nora... today is the day! You will be back in Arkansas tonight! Woo Hoo! Be careful and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AND THOMPSON! Oh and you have to see my prego belly! Ha! I had a dream last night that when they did the ultrasound it was a boy and a girl! Crazy! Love you and be careful!