Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back from a little va-ca!!

So, we just got home from a few days in Oceanside. And it was soooo nice. I always love getting away. Robert's mom came in from Arkansas to visit, and I know that he enjoyed spending some time with her. We all went to Knott's Berry Farm on Sunday. For a theme park, it was very nice. We took Thompson on a few rides and for the most part, he LOVED it! Before we left to go that day, he smacked his poor face on the side of the table! He is not the most graceful child there is, and Robert says that he gets that from me...which he probably does! Ha! The rest of the weekend we just relaxed...

Tomorrow, I am thinking about heading out to the pool! Oh yeah! As long as the wind isn't blowing too bad, I think it will be nice. Robert is on leave for a couple more days, so he can enjoy it with us as well.

My allergies are killing me right now! AHHHH!!! I rub my eyes over and over and it just...ugh!!! I hate it! So to the dr. I will go, and hopefully get some good medicine that works. I have been taking otc zyrtec, but it isn't doing much...

I am trying to finish up my semester of school work before I head home for Britt's wedding! I am almost done with one class. Only 1.5 left to do! So, I need to make time for that this week too!

So here is my question... the kiddos (Jilian, Jude, Ansley, & Thompson) are having their pics made on the beach in Florida, and well I want a pic with Thompson as well...so the ensamble is khaki pants and white polo for the little boys, so should I wear some khaki capris and a white blouse or what? I want to be somewhat matchy, but I just don't know. Or should I try and find a cute sundress? All Comments are appreciated! :)

So here are some pics from this weekend!!!


  1. i say a cute sundress would be cute!

  2. Thompson is getting so big! Hopefully I will get to see you when you come in! I agree a sundress would be adorable! Love you!

  3. Sundress without a doubt. Cute linen one would be adorable!