Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's been too long...

So, here I am... yet again... with a catch up post!

We have been so busy here lately that sometimes I feel like I would lose my head if it weren't attached! ha!

So here are some oh-so important things that have been happening out here in California!

  • First off, the weather has been weird. One day it's in the 70's... the next day it's 65 but really cold. It's odd. And everytime I mention it to someone they say that they have never seen such a mild summer. Huh. Wonder if I jinxed it or something! ;)
  • Brycen is such a big boy! He cut his first tooth a few weeks ago. That was fun, let me tell ya. The poor boy didn't want to eat for a week! He barely wanted a bottle. My heart was broken. This week he has felt a lot better. He has also learned to stand up by himself without holding onto anything. When he first started doing it, he was definitely scared. Then one day he realized he was actually doing it and he just looked up at me and got this huge grin on his face. He was so proud of himself. I was so proud of him.
  • Thompson has been sick for about a week. We finally went to the doctor's today and he has a sinus infection. So after a 3 hour visit, we are armed with more medicine than I think we will ever need.
  • Robert's birthday is coming up this Saturday. It's the big 2-7. I have never met someone who dreads getting older more than he does. I think it is a self-conscious thing... who knows. He is looking forward to the new age group he will be in for the military. Apparently 27 is the "old" age. He gets a longer run time and stuff like that. Thompson has insisted that his dad is going to have a Batman birthday party. So tomorrow we are going to make some Batman stuff for him.
  • Thompson's big birthday is coming up in a few weeks too! He is having a Toy Story party. I am getting excited for it. Gotta kick it in gear tho. I am not going overboard or anything, there is just stuff to be done!
  • My parents are coming out at the end of the month. I miss them so much. I hate being away from them, but I am so excited for them to get to visit us in Oceanside-- especially my dad. Poor guy... he came out to 29 Palms the year I got married and I think it scared him to death. He never came back! ha! But he is so excited to come out here. He has always talked about how perfect San Diego was and he was so glad we got stationed here this time! (Me too!!)
  • I have lost 14 pounds so far on my diet. Not bad! I still have a ways to go, but I will get there. I am not trying to be too hard on myself. I want to do it right. Robert started back his cycle at the end of August, so that has really hurt my gym time. I have been trying to get motivated at home doing workout videos, but I do so much better at the gym. I feel like I put forth more effort there. We'll see.
  • We have had many trips to the Farmer's Market, playgroup, the library for storytime, and of course Target and Wal-Mart. It seems like we are hardly ever home anymore!
I did get a great phone call today from a friend. I have been praying so hard for her and let me tell you this... we serve an awesome God! I truly believe that God has a plan for every single person. And we need to put our life in His hands and not worry about timing or our plans. We need to have trust in Him that he will provide the path and the way. And he does! He is so faithful!

These are about the only pictures I have of the boys. I am so bad about taking pictures with only my phone. My poor camera probably feels neglected. :(

Poor bubba cutting his first tooth!

He cried all day one day. He was so helpless.

T riding a pony at the Farmer's Market

His "awesome" Spiderman pj's

Something I want to remember-- Thompson refers to anything "boy" as awesome. If it is "girl", it's cute. It cracks me up. If I tell him he is so cute he corrects me and says "No, Mom. I am awesome!" And today he told me that his Nana was cute because she was a girl. So funny!