Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Night

Well today has been pretty low key. The boys and I got up, ran to the bank, and then went on to playgroup. Thompson LOVES playgroup and wants to go everytime we drive by the place. I have to explain to him that we only have play group on Tuesdays and that the kids aren't there. He is also that way about storytime at the library. :)

After playgroup, we made our way to Chick-fil-a. Since my diet, I have been deprived of the Chick-fil-a yumminess! I was good and just got some tenders, no waffle fries. I did get me a sweet tea though. Hello, heaven! After I let Thompson play for a bit we headed to Wal-Mart. Robert and I have been tossing around ideas of what to get Thompson for his birthday. The kid has so many toys that I hate buying him toys. Clothes probably aren't the coolest for a 3 year old. So we decided to buy him one big toy that he hopefully won't stop playing with after 2 hours. So... we found this while shopping today.

And I found this online that I know he will love!

So, Mr. Thompson-- you are all set! I also have a few clothing items that I am going to throw in there too! ;)

Tonight Robert has duty. Boo... I hate when he has duty. He has to stay there overnight and basically babysit. When he is on cycle, he has duty about every 5 days. So, when we were at Wal-Mart I grabbed some movies out of the Redbox machine. I know that Robert is going to hate missing this one.

But he might hate that I rented this without him!

So that will probably be my evening!

Oh, and today I was watching Oprah and guess who was her guests? The Judds! Yes! I LOVE The Judds! And they are going on a tour this month. I might have have had a huge school-girl grin on my face when they sang "Love Can Build a Bridge" and might have belted out a few lines with them!

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  1. Loved that movie Date Night! Hilarious. And I second your "Boo to duty". It's never fun when they have duty.

    PS When Robert gets off let him know we said "Happy Belated Birthday!"