Monday, August 16, 2010

Where have I been???

Well, I have been here! Busy, busy, busy!

I started a workout/diet with my new friend, Genie. She is a former Marine and is currently finishing her Bachelor's degree to open her fitness training business. She is amazing! A week and a half ago she sat down with me and we worked out a diet plan. I am GREAT with diet plans. I have no problems sticking with it to a "T". And then... we discussed the workout plan. Eesh. When someone says that they want to "thrash" you during a workout, I bet that they aren't lying! Genie thrashes me for an hour each day. I have never done so many lunges, bear crawls, jumping jacks, sprints, ab workouts in my life! But in a week I have dropped a pant size and have lost 7.5 lbs! I am so proud!! We are doing a 12 week plan and the last day just so happens to fall on my birthday! Like I told her, it's not about losing the weight. I can diet and lose weight just fine on my own. It's the workouts that I need help with. I want to be fit. I am super excited about my new change! Oh, and Robert says that there are times that he sees her outside yelling at me and he just wants to tell her to "leave me alone, that I am fragile!" Ha! I love that boy!

Not only is she my personal trainer, but she has become such a great friend. She and Robert, I swear, were separated at birth. They are just alike. And I am just like her husband. Funny, huh? I think we are such good friends because we do have that balance. And it doesn't help that they have an adorable little boy who fits in perfect with my two boys!! :)

We have also been attending many playgroups. They have been fun and I know Thompson LOVES being around lots of kids.

Other than that, that is what has been keeping me so busy. I don't even think I have taken a picture lately!

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  1. Wow, sounds like Genie is a great trainer. 7 pounds in one week? Wow! I lost weight just by taking coke out of my diet, but I've put it back in... :)
    Big Fat Mama