Sunday, September 9, 2012


Happy Sunday!

Some of you are lucky to get to enjoy this day off, relaxing at home with your family. Me... not so much.

I am at work dealing with a slab leak... with the boys. Total opposite of a relaxful Sunday.

They have tore up my office, had 20 cups of water, snacks, candy, you name it. I am wore out. So I turned on Netflix and told them both not to move! ;)

Today is Grandparents Day! I am blessed to have a wonderful Granny and Papa. They are my only set of grandparents I have and I couldn't ask for more. :) Luckily, the boys have a wonderful Nana and Papa too who they love very much!

September is has been a busy month! I can't believe it is already the 9th! Robert's birthday is on the 11th. He is turning 29! Hard to believe he was 21 when we started dating. :)

We are going to a concert with one of my best friends on the 22nd! Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan! To say I am excited is a HUGE understatement! I can't wait!!!

We are planning Thompson's 5th birthday party, even though it doesn't seem possible. This is one of those momma moments where I have to set back and take a deep breath. He is growing too fast. Having kids makes the days, weeks, years seem to just fly by. He wants to be big so bad, but I just want to keep him as my little baby boy. Life.

My sister is making a trip out to see us! She will be here the first week of October and I am so excited! I haven't got to spend any time with her over the past year so this trip is much needed!

If you are my friend, promise me that you will never, ever, ever mention last night's Razorback game to me. We are all in a deep mourning of our precious Hogs football season hopes. I still blame Bobby Petrino...

I also plan to do another post of all of my Pinterest finds. I have been cooking some yummy recipes and even ventured to make a craft!

I hope everyone has a great afternoon! We should be out of here soon and on home to relax! :)


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  1. Ooh enjoy the concert!
    Btw I nominated you a Liebster blog please see my page for more info!