Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catch up...again!

Well, well, well... isn't this a coincidence. I am playing catch up, yet again!

We have all been sooooo busy! Robert started back to work, the boys started back to school, and I have been busier than ever.

I sometimes wonder if I will ever get the hang of being a full-time mom and working woman. I have to come to realize that it is near impossible! I am EXHAUSTED at the end of the day. I come home, cook dinner, play with the boys, snuggle on the couch with Robert, and fall asleep. Rinse, wash, repeat.

And I am okay with that. :)

Robert is still not doing well with his knee. He is doing physical therapy 3x a week. I am praying for some relief.

The boys are just as rowdy as ever. We took them to Chuck E Cheese tonight and they had a blast! We ran around there for 2 hours! Finally we got them home and in bed.

Brycen had surgery a few weeks ago. He had a tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy/tubes. Not fun! We had to spend the night in the hospital and then eat soft/liquids for 2 weeks. Luckily, the boy chugged about 2-3 Ensures a day to keep up the nutrients he needed. (P.S. Those things are not cheap!) Thankfully, he has fully recovered and didn't lose any weight! Happy momma! He is also a happy camper now that he can enjoy all the good food again! We celebrated his check up appointment with a trip to Chick-fil-A! Did you expect anything else?! ;)

We have started going to a new church, too! I am thankful for that. Robert really seems to like it. We are both (he more so) picky on churches, so for us to find the perfect one was awesome! I was actually invited by a lady who was our server at a restaurant when we first got back out here in November. We went and loved it! Kind of fate.

So here are some pictures from the past month. Going to get off and get ready for bed. Church in the morning, playing at the park, and spending time with my boys. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! :)

Chuck E Cheese!

Yummy dinner at Red Lobster!

B after surgery

Waiting for his surgery

B at the playground

My big boy!

Me and my love 

Growing the hair back out...

Our lap dog

My little sister came out to visit too! I will do another post about her trip! :)

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  1. Your boys are getting big quick!!! I'm glad Brycen is in full recovery.
    James is a chick fil a junkie!!
    I love it too but man! :)