Monday, January 23, 2012

Still Alive...

Yes, we are still alive :)

So much has happened lately that I really don't even know where to start. The beginning of November the boys and I moved back to California. Yes, back to California. When we moved back this summer, we had big hopes of buying a house and so forth, but we really all just needed to be a family, together, first and foremost. So that is where we are.

We moved into a little apartment downtown while we waited for a house to open in base housing. It. was. tiny. But honestly, the best thing ever! I loved watching movies and cuddling with all of my boys every night. It made my heart full. The boys missed their dad so much. I missed my husband so much. It was kinda just perfect.

One dislike... no full kitchen. I know, I know. I love to cook. So not having an oven was kind of tragic. We ate more fast food than I ever have in my whole life. Ugh. Needless to say, I am over that.

In December, Robert had his knee surgery. Almost 8 weeks later, he is still having trouble. They extended his leave time, which was nice. He has been able to stay home and keep the boys since I found a new job!!

I have been so lucky with the jobs I have had. I am now working for a property management company that is a perfect fit for me.

We did get a house on base! We moved in and are in the process of setting everything up.

Also, we have a new addition to the family! Our new Jack Russell puppy, Toby. We are in love! The boys are having so much fun with him. He is definitely my boy though. He runs to me if he gets in trouble. ;) Robert loves him too. Every night, Toby will hop into his lap and take a little nap. So cute!

Here are some pictures to catch you up on...

The boys in their Fall shirts

I made another trip across country

Our newest little guy, Toby

Cuddle time!

Momma's new boy! ;)

Thompson and Toby

Some of my flowers at the new house!


Our crazy family!

My newest nephew, Rufus Tyler Dean Riedel

My Christmas gift from my boys


Haili, Thompson, & Brycen

My super heroes!

We took many walks down to the beach

Daddy and Brycen

Momma and Thompson

Robert and I :)

Maybe now that things have settled down, I can find some time to keep up. :)



  1. i bet you're glad to get settled. i can't imagine having to eat so much fast food, i'd be huge. HUGE i tell you!
    i wish i'd have gotten your CA address as I sent your christmas card to huntsville! :-/

  2. miss you girl. i really hope we can talk soon